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Thursdays – 9:30am-12:30pm

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Senior Center 55 years and older. Call the center for information on registration.

Susan Cardenas Watercolor Lessons

Watercolor I
This course covers basic skills and techniques for the beginner. Using examples of Susan’s florals and landscapes, learn about wet into wet, brush techniques, negative painting, and composition.
Cost: $160 – 8 sessions

Watercolor II
Apply techniques learned in Watercolor I to paint from references provided by the instructor or by student. Composition is emphasized in this class through critique. Use different techniques and textures in your painting and develop the skill of negative painting. Continue having fun, playing with the versatility of watercolors.
Cost: $160 – 8 sessions

Supply List

Supplies are available at:

Ben Franklin (10% discount if you sign up there), Windward Community College Bookstore, C2F, Hawaiian Graphics, Fisher Hawaii


Watercolor brushes only. Only those sold separately (no value pack) size 14 or18 round, size 6 or 8 round size 3 or 4 round, flat 1 to 2” (Exact sizes are not necessary)

Paper:140 lb. Cold Press, Arches is best Must be watercolor paper 9×12 for W/C I 12×16 , W/C II
Paint: Watercolors, tubes Grumbacher or Winsor Newton. A set of 12 or 18 is fine, otherwise buy Winsor or primary yellow, yellow ochre, burnt sienna, winsor red, or primary red, permanent rose, purple, ultramarine blue, thalo blue, Indigo blue, dioxazine purple, thalo green, sap green, white gouache

Pallette: About 12 x16

Other Supplies:

  • Masking Fluid
  • 2.5 Fl. Oz. Any brand, optional.
  • small spray bottle
  • Sketchbook
  • drawing pencil (soft lead)
  • kneadable eraser
  • paper towels
  • plastic container (like cool whip)