Heartstrings – Music

The time has come. You have been diligently preparing for your special event to ensure that everything is perfect. But there is one more element that will ensure your success — music!   Music creates the ambiance for your event.  It enhances the emotions of love, happiness, and joy. It can bring tears and smiles to everyone in attendance, making your special day a memorable one.

The music of Heartstrings will meet your expectations with a large selection of music to accommodate your style and ambiance. For a large event, a sound system is provided at no extra cost.

Heartstrings began in 1989 when two local musicians, one from Kalihi and the other from Kaneohe, had the idea of joining two instruments, the guitar and the viola. From the start, they knew they could make beautiful music together. The original guitarist was the talented and versatile Jason Uesato. He is the genius behind the unique style and quality that no other musical duo could claim. Several years later the duo expanded to include the piano stylings of Roger House. Presently, Heartstrings features guitarist Aaron Cardenas, the son of the violist.  Aaron is Jason’s protégé whom Jason has generously mentored, passing on his knowledge and retaining the unique sounds of Heartstrings.

Steven Cardenas started at age 13 playing the viola, (a large version of the violin) His love for classical music and the singing quality of the viola created a passion that fueled many hours of practice throughout high school, earning him awards in competitions and his first seat in youth symphony. He majored in Accounting at the University of Hawaii, but music was always his first love. Steven has played with the Hawaii Chamber Orchestra, Maui Symphony, and members of the Honolulu Symphony. Although he originally used the viola, Steven now chooses to play the higher tonal range of the violin for the principal instrument of Heartstrings.

The guitarist, Aaron Cardenas has been playing since he was 12 in 2003. Learning  very quickly, from private instructors, including Jason Uesato, he is ready to be his father’s accompanist at a young age. His amazing musical abilities are showcased in his solos. He is majoring in music at the University of Hawaii and plans to earn his PhD in music in the future.
Any event…………………..$275 /hour
One hour minimum. After one hour, billing is in 15 minute increments.
(Weddings includes 15 minute prelude, processional, ceremony and recessional. Rehearsals are not provided.)

Solo violin ……..…$160 per hour
Solo guitar ……..…$160 per hour
One hour minimum. After one hour, billing is in 15 minute increments.